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Clip And Snip

Clip and Snip is a professional dog grooming company based in Quedgeley, Gloucester.


Our Prices


Prices start from......(prices vary depending on what you would like done) included in the cost is bath, brush, clipping, nails and ears Bichon £25 Border Collie £30 Border Terrier £24 Chihuahua (long haired) £24 Cocker Spaniel (show type) £26 Cocker spaniel (working type) £24 Cockerpoo £30 German Shepherd (Long hair) £35 Golden Retriever £35 Jack Russel long haired £24 Labradoodle £35 Tibetan Terrier £27 Rough Collie £40 Springer Spaniel £27 Shih Tzu/Lhasa £26 Westie/Scottie/Cairn £24 Baths start from £14 will depend on size and coat Nail Clipping £4 (free with groom) Puppy package start from £16. This includes bath, brush, nail, feet and face trim. All prices are guides. An exact price will depend on coat length and condition, size of the dog, and behaviour of the dog. An exact price will be given once I have seen the dog. There will be an extra charge for dogs with matted coats, over weight dogs, very dirty dog and dogs with behavioural issues. In extremely matted dogs the only option will be to shave the fur off, I will not put dogs through stress and pain of brushing out huge knots. Owners will be made fully aware of this before I go ahead. Occasionally where dogs have been matted for some time their skin can become red and sore. I cannot be held responsible in such cases.
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