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Clip And Snip

Clip and Snip is a professional dog grooming company based in Quedgeley, Gloucester.


Professional dog grooming services Gloucestershire

Welcome to Clip and Snip

Clip & Snip is a professional grooming parlour based in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire who gladly cater for all of your dogs grooming requirements. Most breeds and crossbreeds are welcome, but due to working on my own unfortunately I am unable to groom giant breeds due to needing more than one groomer to lift and bath them. Nervous and aggressive dogs as well as dogs with special requirements can be cared for. Where possible I will work with owners to try and overcome dogs who are a little nervous. Dog grooming services include: Bathing and drying Brushing Nail clipping Ear plucking Clipping/styling Handstripping Advice always available Weekend and evening appointments Due to being so hands on I often will find areas of concern such as lumps and sore patches etc. In these cases the owners will always be notified. I only have a few dogs at a time as I believe in a more to one approach. Because I have few dogs at a time there is never any barking or whining so dogs feel more at ease. I always endeavour to leave your pets fully satisfied with the thorough grooming services and most dogs actually seem to enjoy the attention they receive. With most breeds I recommend getting them groomed about every 8-10weeks. Of course this varies from breed to breed. If you are a proud owner of a new puppy regardless of breed I recommend bring them as soon as they have completed their vaccinations. Even if the dog is short hair and does not need clipping they will benefit from getting used to having their nails cut and being bathed. it is good to start grooming them from a young age. It can reduce future behavioural issues. Regular brushing at home inbetween visits is vital not only to keep their coat in good condition but also to establish a good bond between you and your dog. For any information or help with any aspect of dog grooming or to book an appointment please phone, text or send an email. If I do not answer please leave a message. Due to working part-time and having two small children it is not always possible to reply immediately but I will respond as soon as possible. Please note owners are not able to stay and watch unless in extreme cases. This is due to the majority of dogs settling better once owners have gone.
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  • Dog Groomer in Gloucester
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  • Dog Grooming Services in Gloucestershire
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